LearnForce Administrator Training

Administrator Tutorial 1

Med+Safe Overview of Features

The following video tutorial will show administrators how to:
  • Login and access the Administrative (ADMIN) interface
  • Navigate the Grouping structure
  • Add a new User to a Group (4:19)
  • Search for a User (6:15)
Edit a User’s details and reviewing their access (8:54) – specifically:
  • Resetting a user’s password
  • Archiving (which is essentially deleting) a user
  • Checking how many times they have logged in and their Transcript summarising certificates achieved
Administrator Tutorial 2

The following video tutorial will show administrators how to undertake the following items:

If you have forgotten your password DO NOT contact your Lecturer or Administrator. You can reset your own password in a few seconds by watching the video below.
  • How to search for a user and reset their password
  • How to determine a user’s total logins and total time online
  • How to check a user’s performance in any Med+Safe assessment including completions and attempts
  • How to reset a user’s Med+Safe assessment if they have been locked out