The administration of epidurals and spinal aneasthesia is common practice in maternity hospitals across Australia.

This course offers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of epidurals and spinal aneasthesia including but not limited to: pathophysiology, common medications that are used and how these medications can affect the CTG, management and expected observations of a patient with an epidural or spinal and observations.

Key Advantages

  • Comprehensive staff reporting allowing administrators to easily generate compliance reports in seconds
  • User certification provided upon successful completion

Course Content

  • Anatomy
  • Indications for epidural or spinal anaesthesia
  • Contraindications and relative contraindications
  • The difference between an epidural and spinal
  • Medications that may be used for epidurals
  • Medications that may be used for spinals
  • Medications to be used in adverse events
  • Preparation
  • Epidural analgesia procedures
  • Spinal procedure
  • Observations
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM)
  • Top ups – continuous epidural
  • Possible complications and management
  • Removal of the epidural catheter
  • Documentation
  • Preparation for assessment
  • Practice quiz
  • Summative quiz
  • References and links